Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things I like about Jon

This entry is dedicated to Jon for Father's day.

1. Jon will wrestle with the boys and play made up games like "goonie willies" and "little Indian worm." I bet you wish you got to play those games.
2. Jon likes to sneak the boys treats when I'm not looking (sometimes I don't know if I really like this one).
3. Jon will make such a fool of himself at any time if it will make the boys smile.
4. Jon is a great provider. We've been very blessed.
5. Jon loves his family.


Tina said...

You forgot - "He got me out of New Hampshire!". Happy Dad's Day, Jon!

Amy said...

Hooray for good fathers! Fathers and sons looks like a lot of fun. I bet they loved it and I bet you enjoyed a little "me time". The most important: did you get to sleep in??

Ben, Amy & Belle said...

Love this picture of Jon! Dad's are the best, I agree! Belle and I can't wait until Ben gets home everyday. Some days I think I am even more thrilled to see him than she is! She is a major daddy's girl though! (I think it is because she rarely sees him which is funny because when she was tiny she didn't prefer him for the same reason.)

Erickson Family said...

That's a cute post. Jon has always been a great guy - yes, even as a teenager!
I'm not shocked at all to hear he's a wonderful father too!