Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Christmas Lies

boys at the sunken gardens
Elijah figured out that cake is good.

Today I went to Target to buy Christmas wrapping paper and of course Lincoln and Elijah were with me. Well, Lincoln is very inquisitive to say the least and he was very concerned that I was buying paper. Isn't Santa supposed to do that??

I surprised myself by how cunningly I was able to spin a tale of lies to my 3 year old. I said that I get the paper at the store, then I hide it in a special spot in our home and the elves come pick it up and take it to Santa in the North pole. Where do I come up with this??

It worked great...until...

the boys were supposed to go to bed but Lincoln kept getting up and doing this or that (mostly singing "Life is a Highway loud enough to wake up Elijah). So I came in and starting the falsehoods. I said, the elves can't come pick up the paper if you're out of your bed. So he asked, "can you put the paper in my room so I can see the elves?" "No, they only come when everyone's asleep. " "Even Mom?" Yep. "oh."

Then he got the most massive smile on his face and went to bed. So I went into my room and wrapped presents.

I'm a liar.

In other news. Isaac is having surgery!!

I know, he's only 5, but he's getting tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in his ears. Apparently he has a 20% hearing loss. Crazy. I had his ears checked when he was 3 and he was fine, but now he's got fluid that's causing the loss. Something funny, Isaac is so into ages right now and somehow a little boy in his Kindergarten class has him convinced that he's 199. Truly, Isaac says Grayson only goes to school for fun, but he can drive a car and he's a dad. I've met Grayson and take my word for it, he's not 199.