Monday, March 31, 2008

For Karlye!

One day the boys got into the pantry and opened up the cocoa powder. Although this did not turn out pleasantly for Lincoln, he still wants to play with it on a daily basis. Basically every morning Jon and I hear, "Hey Lincoln, you wanna get some cocoa powder?" "Yes, I wanna get some cocoa powder."

Same week as the cocoa powder incident. That's 3.5 dozen eggs. Why on earth did we have 3.5 doz. eggs - for Easter of course!

Isaac finding an egg - we live in New Hampshire so we had to have our hunt inside.

Funny things about Isaac:

He leaves the room for 2 minutes and comes back in completely naked. He would take 12 baths a day if he could.
A couple weeks ago he was apparently incredibly reverent in Primary, so yesterday they had a little presentation for the sunbeams. They got little badges that said, "I was caught being reverent." Proudest moment of my life. How on earth did he fool them?

Funny things about Lincoln:

He knows the name of every deacon/teacher in our ward. And he says their names loudly as they pass the sacrament.
He speaks like an adult - sentences, paragraphs, multisyllabic words, but he still can't say "L" which is funny because he calls himself Yincoln.