Monday, June 28, 2010

My sick bush baby

A couple of days before we were set to head for Texas, Isaac began getting very weird symptoms. He started acting very lethargic, and the night before we were planning on leaving, he couldn't move from the waist down. I took him to the doctor and after some labs and and x-ray, we were told to go to Children's Hospital in Omaha. So up we went and they hooked Isaac up to an IV and poked him about 8 too many times. He had an MRI and sever x-rays. And after all that, we still don't know what caused his arthritis. But after 4 days of isolated hospital time, he was as good as new. Aside from a 7 POUND WEIGHT LOSS. And for those of you who know him, Isaac is a skinny kid. He has a six pack. Not an ounce of extra weight to spare. So when you go from 51 pounds, to 44 pounds, your normally large eyes tend to pop out like mad.