Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just for me

This post is mostly for remember. The boys have been great today. Jon had a big talk with them last night. Anyway, today while I was making dinner, the boys were playing with their legos. Isaac made Lincoln an airplane and came down to show me. Then he went back up to see what Lincoln was doing. This is what I heard.
Isaac, "Lincoln, you're making something different now?"
Lincoln, "Yeah."
Isaac, "Oh, what is it?"
Lincoln, "It's a camel chicken dog."
I've been sick the past couple of days with a nasty cold/cough. I started laughing so hard that my throat killed from the coughing. But it was worth it. I think a camel chicken dog could come in really handy. You could ride it, get eggs from it and play with it. And it could store it's own fat (thanks Elizabeth) so you wouldn't have to feed it much.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well today has been one of THOSE days and I think I'm blogging for therapeutic reasons. The boys have been fighting - physically and verbally all morning long. We had a big talk this morning and then went to run some errands. Of course, even after the talk, we still managed to make a scene in Target. Always a good time. So when we got in the car I said, "We're having issues today." Later on Isaac asked me, "Mom, where are our issues?" Aaah. If it were only that simple.