Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankgiving in Texas

We traveled to Port Aransas, TX with the Cosby side for Thanksgiving this year. The boys had a great time in the 85 degree weather as you can see. It was a nice contrast to the freezing cold here in New Hampshire. And we ate delicious food and played fun games with the family.

We live in the grand and growing (not so much) city of Hooksett, NH. For all of you who have no idea where NH is, we're to the right of Vermont on a map. And you all know that Vermont is the birthplace of...Ben and Jerry's ice cream. You probably expected me to say Joseph Smith. Just keeping you on your toes.
This is our little family at the Ward Halloween party.

What Am I Doing?

So, I finally decided to join the blogging community and I have no idea what I am doing or if this is even working. I guess I'll find out later. But I figure I can start a blog and use it as my Christmas card instead of sending cards to everyone. Maybe I'll even find some cute clip art to make it "Christmasy!"