Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Great House Hunt

I officially don't like looking for a house. Jon and I are both very picky people and cheap at the same time. That doesn't really work well when looking for a house. We looked at 7 houses on Tuesday (with the boys) and let me just say, WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE SO MANY KNICK KNACKS?"

Here's why, so my kids can play with them and give me a heart attack. Actually, in my mind I think, go ahead and break it boys, because it's really tacky and these people don't need so much clutter.

At this point I'm pushing for one house and Jon for another. He likes the nice one and I like the...let's just call it "the brown suck house."

Maybe we can find a door number 3.


cabesh said...

I am laughing SO hard!!!! Your comments were like reliving our NH hunt!

The Risdons said...

You're right. House hunting does suck. Love the new blog

Erickson Family said...

I'm with you, why do people keep so many little dumb things for years?

Good luck on the house hunt! It's certainly hard to be picky and cheap - you sound like the rest of us!

The Lahr's said...

You are too funny!
Send some Pics. you know us we would prob go with the suck house and remodel!
have a great weekend!

Tina said...

"Brown suck house," huh. Maybe that translates to "Home Sweet Home" in ghetto.'s a great name for your blog.