Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I learned it from my mind

Conversation tonight

Lincoln said: "Mom, did you know that robots have electricity inside?"

Me: Yeah, I did know that

Lincoln: I knew that too, I learned it from my mind. I just thought and thought and pulled it out.

Me: Cool.


Linda said...

Smart guy, huh?!

Meg and I met Liesl for lunch yesterday and thought of you. We decided that when you're in tHe area we HAVE to get together - so let us know~

love you!

Meg said...

Haha- that's awesome! And I agree with my mom. Next time we have lunch you need to be there. Okay? I'm glad we have that settled. :)

The Woolner Family said...

Send him on over, maybe he can pull some things out of my mind that I'm having trouble with.