Monday, October 18, 2010

You know you have great friends, when...

they choose to come to Lincoln, Nebraska for their birthday. What??? Lincoln's not on your top ten list of awesome vacation spots? You don't repeatedly think to yourself, Man I wish I could go to Nebraska? Well you should, because it's awesome.

Anyway, so my friend Geri came for a weekend visit. She used to live here but left in May when her husband finished law school. For several weeks I was a little down about the whole thing. I'd tell Jon, I really like you, but I miss my Geri. He understood. We'd go out to dinner with them and it was basically me and Geri on a date, and Jon and Dan on a date. It was a great match.

So she came and we went shopping, to the gym, to the park, to get our craft on and ate lots and lots. In February it will be my turn to get on a plane and head south.

Thanks for coming!


Amy said...

So fun! Remember how Geri and I live in the same state and we still haven't made time for each other? Lame. I'm glad she got to come visit. If you come visit her sometime, you better make it down her to se ME!

The Broadbents said...

Okay, so I haven't checked your blog in a while because you know you hardly every post something, and then I came across this fun post. I had a great time and said the same thing to Dan when we moved away. I loved our double dates. Can't wait till February, I am already planning on having you fall in love with AZ and moving here.