Saturday, September 18, 2010

Support for my Sister

So my sister was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer on Thursday and she's going into surgery today to have it removed. She's a trooper and is more worried about her mounting medical costs than her surgery. Her husband has a few CDs out(he's a very talented guitarist) and any proceeds from purchases go toward helping with her crazy medical expenses. Check it out. They are acoustic hymns - so there aren't any annoying voices to listen to. :) or

To read her story go here:


The Woolner Family said...

Thanks Anna!

A Momma said...

Hope the surgery went well. We have a friend with thyroid cancer and know a bit about it.
Keep us updated.


We love Chad's music. Good luck to Amber! My neighbor had that and it was pretty straightforward so hopefully that's the case for her, but yes those medical expenses are burdensom . . . we'll be happy to pass the word around and buy some music!

The Lahr's said...

I ordered some music from this ! and I am soo sorry to hear about your sisters trials. I cry for you and your family! I also pray for you all. Much Love coming your way! Sandy