Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Buuuks and Commiddees

Isaac and Lincoln make up words all the time. But my favorites by far are Buuk (pronounced like Boo with a k on the end) and Commiddee. They're conversations go a little something like this:

Isaac - "You're just a buuk."

Lincoln - "Well you're a commiddee."

Isaac - "Then I'm gonna buuk you and put it in the trash."

side note - I love the versatility of "buuk." It can be a noun or a verb. Amazing.

Lincoln - "Mom, Isaac's gonna buuk me."


The Woolner Family said...

You might like to introduce them to Acky and Cawda.

The Churn Mistress said...

That is too funny. "Doub-o-cudder" is the made up word at our house. It can also be a verb or noun.