Sunday, January 31, 2010

Katrina and Gordon's Wedding

Baby Anna ready to drive off. She's a take charge kind of girl.

Table decor. I took a lot of pictures of the decor. I don't have an external flash for my camera so it's hard to take good pics of people with indoor lighting. But stills work all right.

This little flower girl had the greatest smile plastered on her face. She must have practiced a lot.
flowers were very pretty.
The head table. Believe it or not, we eat off of this beautiful dinner ware for Christmas/Thanksgiving.
needs cropping, but you get the idea. cute shoes!
This is possibly one of my favorites.
This one needs some cropping, but I really like it.
The pretty face is in focus while the groom is slightly blurred. Isn't that how it should be? Just kidding Gordon. But Katrina does look amazing!
I'm about to fall over, but a million people are taking pictures so I better smile.
This weekend happened so fast it's a good thing I have visual proof it actually happened. Here are a few (I took over 100) of the pictures I like - they are unedited so they can definitely get better.
Katrina and Gordon after the sealing. It was freezing cold outside.
The chairs for the ring ceremony.


The Woolner Family said...

Very nice job Anna, although it looked like a way too elaborate wedding--must have been a beast to set up and take down. I'm hoping Noelle wants a Chuck E Cheese reception b/c that's about all the work I want to put into it.

Linda said...

You captured some sweet moments and the emotions that went with them. Very nice job with the photography. Miss you!

Team Covey said...

Awesome! Amen on Chuck E Cheese. and excellent job, Anna. YOu are a valuable relative to have around.

jbaggs said...

Fantastic pics Anna! You did a great job capturing the day. Conveying emotions through pictures is difficult to do. Awesome job. You can come redo my wedding pics any day, but going back in time 12 years might be kinda hard ;0)

Amy said...

Beautiful! I wish I had the knack for taking cool, artistic photos. I have a good camera now, but it hasn't magically turned me into a good photographer like I'd hoped. I don't think I can learn it either. It must come naturally and you have got it!

Gina said...

A-mazing pics!

QnA Drapers said...

Wow- those pictures are beautiful! You DO have quite an eye. Looks like a fun busy trip. Now I want to see some pics of you and Jon- we miss you guys!!

Cheryl said...


Katrina said...

Thanks for coming to our wedding Anna! I know it was a fast trip for you guys... but your pics are awesome! I want to see what else you caught during our "way too elaborate" wedding at the community center. :)

The Broadbents said...

I can see why the photographer wanted a copy of your pictures. They are fabulous! I love the ones of the table settings. Can't wait for you to take ones of our family in the spring. Please give me a few pointers on how to take pictures on manual.

Ben, Amy & Belle said...

Awesome pics Anna!!!! Good to see you for a brief minute!