Friday, February 8, 2008

Are you on the "sape side?"

Lincoln wanted to sleep with Isaac. Pretty cute.

Today, Jon took the boys around the house to find a monster. It happened to be in the boys' closet. But the monster can't get you if you're on the safe side of the closet. Lincoln told me he was on the "sape side" and that the "chinchilla monster can't get me." (yes, our 23 month old says chinchilla)

Last night I stayed in the boys' room for a few minutes after they were tucked in and lights were out. This is the conversation they had with each other:

Lincoln says "Isaac"
Isaac says, "You want crackers for dinner?"
Then directed to me, Isaac says "Lincoln wants crackers for dinner."

Wow, where did that come from?


The Whitakers said...

Your kids are so cute! And I'm sure you know that he said "sape" because it's a normal phonological process to front your fricatives into stops. :D

The Woolner Family said...

Who doesn't want crackers for dinner?

Alicia Muhlestein said...

I wish I could just feed my boys crackers for dinner--that would be great. Maybe someday they'll have super crackers we can all just eat for dinner. Yay!

The Dixons said...

That is a funny story. Where do kids come up with this stuff. The other day Emily said she was "working on a case", which is Danny's MBA lingo. Funny!